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Mission of Mary Cooperative is a non-profit organization that works in east Dayton. We were founded by a small faith community of lay Marianists who lived in the Twin Towers neighborhood. We are the only lay Marianist founded, operated, and funded non-profit organization in the country, and we are proud of the work the family of Mary is doing in east Dayton.

Primarily we focus on the issues of food and economic social justice especially the issues of healthy food affordability and access. The work done at Mission of Mary aims to provide tangible benefits for the people of our community as well as the vacant and forgotten land of the neighborhood. Numerous programs at Mission of Mary occur throughout the year to grow and distribute nutritious food as well as educate our neighbors about healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


We welcome your gifts, especially financial or landscaping tools. Donations can be mailed to our contact address – thank you!

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Maybe you have a special skill or some knowledge you want to share with us – we would love for you to join us.

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2018 Annual Report

Take a look at our 2018 Annual Report to view the highlights of our work from this past season.