A Backyard Dinner Party

A Backyard Dinner Party

Near the end of this summer, we hosted a backyard dinner party for all of our Backyard Garden Members.

We had a lovely meal at our gazebo in the original garden on Silver Lane. On the menu were garden inspired dishes like a shredded carrot slaw, fresh cucumber salad, zucchini bread, and peach cobbler. It was a tasty, colorful and fresh meal!

The warm summer air was filled with conversation of this summer’s gardening season and the season to come. “Did you have trouble with your tomatoes too?” “My hot peppers grew so well!” “I’m excited to try more herbs next summer!”


Gardening is wonderful but can also bring its fair share of challenges. We love to celebrate each other’s successes and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But it’s also good to know you’re not alone in your plant troubles and questions. Our hope is that as we continue to garden we continue to strengthen our relationships with our neighborhood gardeners as they also grow their relationships with fellow neighbors. Whether you have been gardening for years or this was your first season, we can all use some encouragement!

Next summer we are looking forward to having more Backyard Dinner Parties in other Backyard Garden members yards. We hope to see you there!

Authored by: Larissa Duprey



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