Back again this Summer

Back again this Summer

Plant starters are turning into dense kale leaves. Beets have turned into golf balls. The cherry tree has produced a few tart fruits. Summer has returned—and so have the interns! The fun and sweat of last year enchanted me, and so I am here again for a portion of summer 2018.

During this second summer, I have noticed some of the same rhythms of vegetables: planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, etc. It has been amazing to exchange familiar greetings with CSA customers, neighbors, and other farm friends. I felt like I had walked into my childhood home, receiving embraces and oodles of salad. However, like when I returned home after college and my parents had made over my bedroom, I found renovations had been ongoing at the farm as well.

The kitchen with fresh paint, new cabinets and countertops has transformed the community space into one that is begging for cutting boards to host food prep and cast-iron skillets to be aflame. The giggles that have ensued by cooking meals with the intern crew seem like a clear omen that the kitchen will mirror the ambitions and mission of the farm.


While the kitchen was a true shocker, the farm has also developed its environmental vision: it will soon be a net-zero non-profit, leading Dayton in the sustainability efforts. To be a small part of this organization, a mere blip in the history of the farm as it has the transformed from a small backyard garden into a leader in the nonprofit realm, has been such a wonderful experience.


The strange paradox of change and steadiness can be most clearly understood via the bees. Last summer, I witnessed the installment of beehives at our Nassau plot. The corner with fun towers and soothing buzz was one of my favorite spots on the farm to share with visitors. Returning to the farm this summer, and seeing rich, thick honey in mason jars, filled to the brim—felt both monumental but also comfortingly cyclical.



In those glass jars, I was reminded of the continuous heartbeat that the farm maintains throughout all the seasons—it is always this place of constant noise and change, but also one that will always be there to welcome you with the sweetness of home.

– Julia Hall, Intern 2017 & 2018

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