Edison Elementary Field Trip to Mission of Mary

Edison Elementary Field Trip to Mission of Mary

Edison Elementary Visits the Farm!

This past fall we had a great time hanging out with the 6th graders of Edison Elementary as they toured the farm. There is something special about moving from the classroom to the field and having a hands-on experience in the dirt!

Our first stop on the tour was to the compost station, where we asked the question “What does it take to start a garden?” Just like humans, nutrition is key to growth! We learned all about the elements of a compost pile and how it can break down plant matter and food waste down into rich soil for our plants to grow in. Then we discussed the best time of year to plant each type of vegetable. Students were excited to learn that you can grow plants in more months of the year than just summer.

Next we headed to the nursery to learn how a plant’s life begins. We started by choosing our seed and preparing a cozy home for it in a box filled with compost, worm castings, and vermiculite. These elements ensure compost and aeration. Then we made small dibbles and tucked our seeds in. After these seeds germinate and mature for a few weeks they are ready to go out in the garden beds outside.


The final part of our tour was visiting our ‘helpers’ on the farm. The chickens and bees! There’s a lot to do on the farm, but students learned that chickens can be helpful by fertilizing and aerating soil as well as eating weeds and insects that can be harmful to your garden. Students also learned that bees do more than just make honey, bees pollinate the garden! Pollination is key for many of the plants that we grow around the farm


The students of Edison will be taking the knowledge they learned at the farm and applying at their school garden that they will help maintain throughout the year.

If you want to arrange a field trip or educational tour for a group you are a part of – contact us. We love to educate all kinds of folks about the work we do here!


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