Looking Towards Spring

Looking Towards Spring


After months of gray skies, inches of snow, and cold winds, Dayton’s sunlight has finally returned! A little bit of sun can make a big difference—sunshine is a known mood-booster, stress reliever, and is a great source for Vitamin D. For us, an increase in sun also means seed starting and getting our hands back in the dirt. And let me tell you, we are just giddy about it! 


Over the past couple weeks, the crew has been starting seeds, watering seedlings, pricking tomatoes, and some light weeding in our solarium. It’s wild to think that these starters, which will one day be thousands of pounds of produce, all fit in one room at this time!


This photo includes: onions, turnips, broccoli, red and green cabbage, cauliflower, celery, parsley, kale, collard greens, and beets, to name a few 🙂


The 2018 growing season will also be an exciting time for us at Mission of Mary Cooperative, because for the first time, our CSA program will span 24 weeks; from May to November! We’ll also be expanding our produce variety to over 70 different veggies, herbs, and fruits. We’re looking forward to experimenting with new crops and plant varieties, and sharing them with the community! It’ll be a great way to try new recipes, add more color (like our purple basil or easter egg radishes), and expand one’s palette. It will truly be a great year!


But until then, we water and wait… 

   (green onion)                      (red cabbage)


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