Meet our newest Intern!

Meet our newest Intern!

For this blogpost, we wanted to feature and officially welcome the newest addition to our team, farm intern Larissa Duprey!

Larissa is from Rapid City, South Dakota. She says, “think Mount Rushmore” as a reference point. Larissa attended the Created Institute, which is a liberal arts college in small town, Black Mountain, NC.

What led you to Dayton?

“I had met friends who lived in Dayton, came to visit, and fell in love. I love the energy and the people here — wanting to fight for their city. Dayton isn’t a place where people come to see what they can take from it, Dayton is a place for people to contribute to and I love that”

How did you hear about Mission of Mary Cooperative?

“Those same friends had volunteered here and talked about their experiences at Mission of Mary quite a bit. I just thought, ‘wow! what a cool place!’ and wanted to experience it firsthand.

I have no previous farm experience (unless working at a ranch camp with horses counts… we planted trees?), but I am very interested in nutrition and food access. Black Mountain is a very natural town and through my time there I became more interested in local foods and agriculture. I read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food, and several books of Joel Salatin’s, and became more educated and inspired to the point where I wanted to take action.”

Do you have a “dream” job/hope for the future?

“I’d love to have a house in the Twin Towers neighborhood or Huffman area, live in that community, and open a local business—possibly a bakery—just something to stimulate the neighborhood’s economy and provide access. Healthy food is a privilege, and I want to create a community meeting place that anyone can come to and afford. That’s what I loved about Mission of Mary as well.”

Favorite farm activity or chore so far?

“I really like washing spinach! Our repurposed washing machine AKA giant salad spinner is so cool and impressive. Also, I enjoy harvesting, pricking, really everything that incorporates working with plants. There are all of these different moving parts when it comes to farming; things I never thought about when purchasing vegetables in the grocery store. Now I think about all the different elements that must come together in order for that vegetable to grow, be harvested, washed, and then sold.”


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